About Us


E5, short for Element 5, is a passionate and dedicated wheel company that specializes exclusively in crafting high-quality wheels for C6.C7, & C8 Corvettes. Our team consists of true Corvette enthusiasts who have amassed over 40 years of experience in the wheel industry. As the original founder of American Force Wheels and other prominent wheel brands, we have a proven track record of excellence.

At E5, we harness our extensive expertise to create truly unique designs and perfect fitments that meet the exacting specifications of each Corvette model. Our commitment to precision ensures that all our wheels are built to be hub-centric, providing a superior experience for our customers. We understand that you could have chosen any car, but you opted for a Corvette because it embodies a distinct spirit and performance that sets it apart.

Here at E5, we firmly believe that we produce the best fitments for your Corvette. Our passion for this iconic vehicle fuels our drive to deliver wheels that not only enhance its appearance but also optimize its performance. We strive to go beyond expectations by consistently pushing the boundaries of design and engineering. By tailoring each wheel to your specific Corvette application, we ensure that you receive a product that perfectly complements the aesthetics and functionality of your beloved Corvette.

When you choose E5, you are choosing a company that shares your enthusiasm for Corvettes. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional experience and take pride in our craftsmanship. Our goal is to elevate your Corvette’s style and performance with wheels that embody the spirit of Earth, water, air, fire, and, most importantly, Corvette—the fifth element. E5

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