Spun FORGED TEchnology

Spun FORGED TEchnology


Spun Forging Makes Better Performing Wheels

All E5 Wheels are Spun Forged, compared to most aftermarket wheels that are low-pressure cast aluminum. Our ISO 9000 manufacturing facility applies proprietary techniques during the Spun Forging process to stretch and compress the aluminum, producing stronger yet lighter wheels.

To achieve this, we first preheat the aluminum alloy for each E5 Wheel to 662 degrees Fahrenheit. The robotic arm of our state-of-the-art Spun Forging press then applies 10,000 tons of pressure to the heated aluminum in the die to form the shape of the wheel.

Our Technology Also Gives You Great-Looking Wheels

A 5-Year Warranty That Beats the Industry Standard

When you choose E5 Wheels for your Corvette, we have your back. Our 5-year warranty is vastly superior to the 1-year warranty offered by most aftermarket wheel manufacturers. Buy with confidence.

Bolt a Set of E5 Wheels onto your ‘Vette!

E5 Wheels give you the quality, performance, and style that you and your Corvette deserve! You can use the E5 Wheels configurator to select the style and finish that works best for you and your Corvette.
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